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Ocean + Earth Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit

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Damaged your surfboard? Our Epoxy Surfboard Repair Kit ( 2oz ) uses a new solarcure formula which cures faster than ever before but is less hazardous and more environmentally friendly.

This surfboard repair kit is designed for epoxy surfboards and contains No Styrene or VOC compounds which can effect your health and is more environmentally friendly than other solarcures. Perfect for home repairs and travelling, an essential item for every surfer.


  • Includes 55g (2oz) Tube of Fibreglass Impregnated Resin

  • Fibreglass cloth

  • Sand paper & applicator.

  • Fibre filled for extra strength

  • Cleans up with soap and water

  • Cures faster with the use of the solar film

  • AIRLINE safe

  • Endless shelf life