About Us

LGS started out the back of a Kombi van in 1995. Brenda Miley had an idea that she wanted to encourage more women into surfing, from there grew LGS!  For over 25 years LGS has been not only teaching thousands of people to surf, but has also been a surf retail provider specialising in an awesome range of surf hardware (surfboards, wetsuits and essentials) helping surfers of all levels find the right equipment to help them on their surfing journey.  LGS stands out from the rest due to the personalised service that a small family business provides. 

The LGS team is full of surfers and ocean enthusiasts, we live and breathe surfing. We are experts in not only teaching surfing but providing professional and personal advice.  As surfers we know the ins and outs of what we sell because we use it every single day!! We run a busy ‘test drive’ demo programme to try before you buy and offer a surfers guarantee if you are not satisfied with your choice!

We shoot for the stars and land on the waves. We’re living proof that surfing helps develop health, focus and a connection with self. 

We are looking forward to helping you make your next purchase, feel free to reach out at any time. 

The LGS Crew

Changing lives…. one wave at a time.