Creatures Wrap Rax Double - Lets Go Surfing

Creatures Wrap Rax Double

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Creatures Of Leisure Wrap Rax -
Double Silicon (2-6 Brds)


Removable, through-the-door style soft roof racks for your car. A durable construction, with cushioned pads that sit between the boards and the roof for added protection. With Creatures Tie Downs to connect your boards securely. Industrial strength 30mm metal buckles are used with a moulded silicon cover for car protection. Heavy-duty 30mm military grade webbing used on the straps. Handy for when you have extra passengers or for hire cars when you go on a trip.  Pretty useful for carrying other items like timber as well.


World’s most advanced ‘through the door’ DOUBLE soft rack system Aerodynamic and durable cushioned pads that sit between the boards and roof Industrial strength corrosion resistant metal cam buckle  Moulded silicon buckle cover for board and car protection Heavy-duty 30mm military grade, UV treated webbing Durable, UV treated material Reusable carry bag