Creatures Deck Pad/Jack Lite/Dark Olive Black Chex

Creatures Deck Pad/Jack Lite/Dark Olive Black Chex

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Jack Freestone's THERMO-LITE traction pad is thinner, lighter and more responsive. He created is Signature traction with a squarer and wider template for his larger foot, and preferred wider tail surfboards. The crew here love this grip, it's hard to explain but when you grab this tail pad and compare it, it just looks bigger and feels like it would go great on any hybrid board with that wider tail, the kick is hell chunky - so you can really slide up against it and power through your turns.  

Jack Freestone is a bit like a Rubik's cube. He’s made up of little squares of colour that look like they could never align - pacifist, jiu jitsu weapon, fierce competitor, loving dad, coffee addict, committed vegan, thick pit charger, aerial freak. But, when everything clicks in place it feels like it was all meant to be. A natural talent that works hard to keep his skills sharp, Jack demands the very best of himself and his equipment. That’s why he clicks in so well with Creatures.


Length - 310mm (12 1/4")

Width - 320mm (12 5/8")


THERMO-LITE Diamond Loc II - Traction Pattern - 15%. Lighter

7mm Teardrop Wide Arch Bar

35mm Ramp Kick

3 Piece

3M™ Adhesive

Responsible Packaging - Recyclable + Biodegradable

How To Apply Traction To A New Surfboard Quickly With Jack Freestone