Bondi Beach Premium Shorts

Bondi Beach Premium Shorts

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The Rwenzori business model evolved from two ideas - We wanted to showcase visually inspiring travel photography and combine these into a luxury wearable product. Growing up in the beach resort town of Noosa, Australia I was always in the water. 

I felt current swimwear was basic and designed to be purely for the water, lacking style and sophistication.We wanted more.

To make a highly functional and tailored men’s short with complete attention to detail and quality.

The Rwenzori swim short was born. 
With our unique limited edition photo prints - each design tells a story…

From our tailored quick dry material to our polished stainless side buckles and zippers we strive for perfection. The Rwenzori 3 year guarantee covers all of our products for quality assurance.
Each purchase also comes with its own versatile slimline carry bag.
We are continuing to develop new and exciting designs for our next range. stay tuned.

Long live summer…

Ben - Founder of Rwenzori