Softlite Biohazard - Mad Lab Series

Softlite Biohazard - Mad Lab Series

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Core:100% Waterproof Moulded EPS Core 
Deck: 10lb PE Deck
Slick: Xtra Duralinx Slick
Stringer: Double Moulded Stringer system
Fins: Thruster (Bones and Shanks Fin System)

*Fins Included with Every Board

The Bio Hazard is a new small wave all-rounder we've added to the range this year. It'll go good anything, but is made to perform best in junky summer conditions

At 20 1/4", it's nice and wide for it's length providing great paddle power and stability.

As the template retains a lot of width down towards the tail, this allows you to generate speed with ease, once you are on your feet.

Rocker-wise, its pretty flat, once again allowing you to maintain speed through flattish sections of the wave

This is the ideal board for the city slicker who is forced to surf quality waves between the flags, or even the ripping groms who aren’t quite ready for a hard board yet.

We would recommend this for beginner riders weighing 20-30kg, it's a great board for young kids to start surfing on. Although if you are an experienced surfer up to 65-70kg, it should float you as well.

The Mad Lab Range is what we’ve been working on for a while. We are pretty excited about this range as it has really allowed us to push the envelope, and lead the way as far as softboard innovation goes. With the final product, we’ve got a softboard that actually feels close to riding a fibreglass board!

As well as all the usual Softlite features, this series has a few to extra's setting it apart from the rest;

ROLLED PARABOLIC PE RAILS: This is one of the biggest advancement in soft surfboards. Each board contains 4 crosslink rails. These rails are then hand shaped, allowing softer rails near the nose tapering down to a sharp, harder edged rail at the tail. Similar to a regular shortboard, it allows if to be forgiving and not catch rails up front, but more performance and easier to turn off the tail. Similarly, to a stringer it also provides extra stiffness in the board. Previously, these features could not be properly executed properly on soft surfboard.

MESH INFUSED SLICKS: This is technology derived from bodyboarding, who lead the way in using EPS / HDPE Slick combinations. The Reinforced mesh is infused into the Dura HD Slick. This provides a frame of strength, which not only improves stiffness but also recoil, so making it easier to pump from rail to rail with the right amount of tension.

Fins: Thruster Fin Set Up with Bones and Shanks Fin System.