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We have a wide range of accessories for all your Surfing and water needs. From Wax all the way to Swim Fins and Snorkles. 

Adult Poncho Towel

Sick and tired of wrapping your towel around you when your getting changed in the car park and then realizing you are flashing your rear-end? Sick and tired of wrapping your...

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Surf Ears 3.0

SurfEars, earplugs that let sound in and keep water out. They come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to...



The Icon is reliable and uncomplicated. It is inspired by Creatures beginnings of no-nonsense, straight forward products that work. Leash Length:6' | 1.8m  Cord Thickness:1/4"" | 6mm Cuff Width:1.5" | 38mm Railsaver Width:1" |...

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Creatures Grom Poncho Towel

The Creatures Grom Poncho is a smaller fitting Poncho perfect for all day wetty-wearing Groms and quick changing in and out of wetsuits and swimwear. The Grom Poncho is 100%...


Surf Ears Junior 2.0

Description Surf Ears Junior | Premium Ear Plugs | Surf Ear Plugs SurfEars Junior is an ear plug developed for children, designed to keep their ears safe while being able to hear,...


Creatures Comp Legrope

  Lightweight Leash for small to medium sized waves. The 6mm cord and 6ft long Comp Leash is perfect for a broad range of conditions and ideal for day-to-day use. SPECS LEASH LENGTH:...


Creatures Tie Downs

Straps for securing boards to roof racks. Industrial strength 30mm metal buckle with a moulded silicon cover for car protection. Heavy-duty 30mm military grade webbing. Designed to attached boards to...


Creatures Wrap Rax Double

Creatures Of Leisure Wrap Rax -Double Silicon (2-6 Brds)   Removable, through-the-door style soft roof racks for your car. A durable construction, with cushioned pads that sit between the boards and the...


Creatures Wrap Rax Single

Wrap Rax are the world’s most advanced ‘through the door’ SINGLE soft rack system!  Cushioned pads sit between boards & car roof  30mm wide custom built metal buckles  30mm wide x 2mm thick military...

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Grom Lite Legrope

The new Creatures Grom leashes features a shorter cuff reducing the chance of the cuff overhand when wrapped around a smaller Grom ankle. The better fitting cuff creates a more...

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Creatures Backdoor Legrope

Surf Leashes Colour: Black, Blue DNA Flex Mould: the cord/mould connection that absorbs wave impact, stretching with the leash to resist breakage Stainless steel Single bearing swivel Unbreakable, self-lubricating swivel

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